From the low lying rolling meadows and streams of the Ribble Valley to the windswept hills of the Yorkshire Dales, Geoff portrays the natural beauty of the Northern landscape and its wildlife.

A love of waterfalls is paramount to him as he loved to study their formation in physical geography as a child.

The strata is always allowed to take presidence in the majority of his works. Various exibitions have been held in Lancashire & Yorkshire 

and he could always be seen every summer displaying watercolour painting as a 'Craftsman at Work' down at Samlesbury Hall near Preston.

Historic buildings, country cottages and pets also feature in                     the list with any kind of subject matter considered.                                     "Quite simply - if you can see it, you can paint it."                                Commissions on practically any subject matter will be                               undertaken working closely with a client to achieve                               maximum effect. Digital photographs can be taken                                        of work in progress and sent out for perusal so that                                     any changes can be made prior to finalisation.


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